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Welcome to February, Libra. You made it through the first month of 2023. At the end of January, the planet Uranus went direct, tasking you with working on your work/life balance. You’re not alone if you’re still overworked, exhausted, or spread too thin. The first weeks of a new year are stressful for any star sign. Lots of love is coming your way this month, so don’t fret, Libra, but there’s one date to note early on. On Friday, February 3, Ceres, the “asteroid of nurturance,” goes retrograde in your sign. While you’re the sign of partnerships and often associated with love and relationships, you also need your independence. When Ceres goes retrograde in your sign, your task is to ensure that you aren’t being swallowed up by others. So, no matter how happy and healthy your romantic relationships are, make sure to make time for yourself. 

Regardless of your relationship status, connecting with trusted friends is one of the best ways to curate a sense of support separate from your love life. Sunday, February 5, brings a full moon in Leo and your 11th House of Friendship. Spend this weekend having fun with friends. It’s important to get in the habit of scheduling time to nurture the platonic relationships in your life. You’re an air sign and can be lofty at times. And, once the messenger planet Mercury enters Aquarius and your 5th House of Pleasure on Saturday, February 11, you may find yourself consumed with a love interest. This transit sees you having fun flirting, sexting, and feeling like a hopeless romantic, even if you loathe Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re enjoying the company of a long-term partner, friend, or crush, remember to listen to them and not totally dominate the conversation, Libra.

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Sweet Pisces season begins on Saturday, February 18, and the romance continues to flow. Pisces is an intuitive water sign. While the sun is in Pisces, you feel freer to openly express your emotions. You’re ruled by lover Venus and are the sign of partnerships, but even Libras can struggle to communicate how they feel. Use the new moon in Pisces on Sunday, February 19, to tell someone that you care. It’s okay if you’re single, it can be a treasured friend or platonic partner. But your assignment is to give. During Pisces season, notice what happens when you freely give love (hint: others tend to reciprocate). You’re also the sign of balance, Libra, but at times, you need to remember to give in order to receive. 

On this same date, Sunday, February 19, your ruling planet, romantic Venus, enters Aries and your 7th House of Partnership. This transit is as lovely as it seems. Sharing your emotions encourages others to do the same. And as a result, whether it’s with your best friend or partner, the end of February sees you very happy in your relationships. Enjoy, Libra, and remember to keep listening to others. See you next month.    

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