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It’s April, Libra, and that means the start of Taurus season, an eclipse, and, unfortunately, Mercury retrograde. Last month saw you letting go of what no longer serves you to make room for healthy and happy relationships. Your love life is currently going through a makeover, and while change can be intimidating, the stars always have your best interest in mind. This theme continues on Monday, April 3, when the communication planet Mercury enters Taurus and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. Because Venus, the goddess of love, is your ruling planet, you usually have romance on your mind. However, you’re also a flighty air sign and good at procrastination. However, once Mercury enters your 8th House, you can’t put off having any relationship talks any longer. Communication gets messy later this month once Mercury goes retrograde, so go ahead and speak to your love interest, whether you’re defining the relationship or establishing boundaries

But, regardless of where you’re at regarding love or sex, use the full moon in your sign on Wednesday, April 5, to connect with your body. This could mean exploring kinky fantasies with a partner, enjoying a sex toy, or other avenues of pleasure, such as long baths or massage. The stars urge you to continue your self-care journey when your ruling planet, pretty Venus, enters Gemini on Monday, April 10. This transit reminds you that whether it’s skincare or having an orgasm when you treat your body, your brain will feel better as well.  

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As discussed, Libra, you’re in a transitional phase when it comes to love, whether settling into a new relationship or getting used to single life. Transitions are notoriously hard, and as the sign of balance, being in-between stages can be especially hard for you. Wednesday, April 19, brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Aries and your 7th House of Partnership. Astrologers like to call eclipses “cosmic wildcards,” because they can bring swift and unexpected change, not to mention feelings of paranoia. To avoid adding any stress to your plate, take it easy on the day of the eclipse. Try to get as much rest and sleep in as you can around this date. 

Sensual Taurus season begins on Thursday, April 20. The next few weeks urge you to continue your wellness journey, as your love and sex life settles. By the end of Taurus season, you should feel more stable, thanks to the influence of the grounded earth sign. Just keep in mind that Mercury retrograde begins on Friday, April 21. Stay calm during the messenger planet’s backward dance by allowing extra travel time, proofreading important emails, and making sure that you’re sexting the right person. And, should any Mercury retrograde-induced miscommunications  happen, continue to practice your self-care rituals to stay grounded. Enjoy the positive change in your relationships, Libra, and we’ll see you in May.

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