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Welcome to May, LeoLast month ended with the start of Mercury retrograde, which means you have an excuse for a few more weeks if you show up late to a date. And partnership is on your mind on Monday, May 1. Pluto, the planet of transformation, goes retrograde in independent Aquarius. Pluto is the god of the underworld and handles death and rebirth. So your task is to check in with yourself in your partnerships, whether romantic or platonic and ensure that you’re keeping sight of your individuality. You’re royalty, Leo, but you can also forget your boundaries and fall into people-pleasing. 

Put on your coziest PJs, and look forward to a decadent night in on Friday, May 5. This date brings a full moon and lunar eclipse in jealous Scorpio. Eclipses are undeniably cool, but astrologers can be a buzzkill about these cosmic occurrences, as they can lead to sudden change. Doors open and close during eclipses, usually the ones we’ve been putting off taking care of ourselves. With all due respect, Leo, you are a diva who creates enough drama on an uneventful day. Don’t stir the pot by partying during the eclipse. Instead, treat yourself to elaborate skincare rituals and experiment with TikTok makeup trends

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Thankfully, Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday, May 14, but on the downside, you need to show up on time for social obligations, Leo. The second half of May showers you with networking opportunities. On Tuesday, May 16, the lucky planet Jupiter enters opulent Taurus and your 10th House of Social Status. Unfortunately, as you’ve been warned by now, astrology is not strong enough to combat our country’s economic failures. With that in mind, some dates are more abundant than others, and a little magical insight can never hurt. Jupiter entering your 10th House signifies that you’ll meet people around this time that will help you advance a project dear to your heart, whether it’s for love, money, or both. Friday, May 19, brings a new moon, signifying fresh starts, your 10th House of Social Status, making this an ideal night to set intentions about what you want from lady luck. 

But, of course, when you get what you want, Leo, it’s not just luck. As witches say, the most magical ingredient in any spell is you. Never forget how fabulous you are. On Saturday, May 20, the warrior planet Mars enters your sign. This transit offers you a boost of confidence, helping you believe in yourself and fight for your worth and your dreams. Your spirits and self-esteem should be high (there’s nothing like a proud Leo) through flirty Gemini season, which begins on May 21. The next few weeks are all about going on adventures with friends, starting summer flings, and getting into trouble. Enjoy, and see you next month.

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