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Welcome to July 2023, Leo. Tell your friends your favorite flavor of cake because your season begins month. During June, when Saturn, the planet of rules, went retrograde, you broke some by enjoying erotic fantasies or trying bold summer makeup looks. Keep this daring energy going because you are totally allowed to celebrate your birthday all month long.

However, there is one night in July that is ideal for a quiet night in. Monday, July 3, brings a full moon in disciplinarian Capricorn and your 6th House of Health. Remember, when astrologers talk about your health, we’re not playing doctor. Rather, we’re encouraging self-care and emotional wellness. Full moons can lead to drama, so this transit simply asks you to opt for bubble baths over popping the bubbly in the club (don’t worry, that will come later this month). 

You love birthdays, and any Leo who says otherwise might be lying. Therefore, you absolutely must tell your friends exactly how you want to celebrate, whether that’s dancing all night or chilling at home with a movie. Thankfully, when the communication planet Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday, July 11, you’re not afraid to act like the stereotypical attention-loving Leo and be direct regarding your birthday needs. You deserve all the admiration you get, for the record.

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While yes, July is all about you, during the new moon in caring Cancer on Monday, July 17, the stars ask you to share the love and celebrate a friend. You’re meant to ask others what they want to do during this lunation. If your bestie just went through a breakup, take them out to dinner, hiking, or whatever they like that fits your schedule. When the sun enters your sign, kicking off Leo season on Saturday, July 22, this month can return to being all about you. However, remember that the more you celebrate others, the more they praise you. 

There’s just one thing to know about your season this year, but don’t let it get you down. On the same day as the sun moves into your star sign, Venus, the abundant planet that rules beauty and love, goes retrograde in your sign, Leo, on Saturday, July 22. Its backward dance lasts through Sunday, September 3. While pretty Venus is retrograde, astrologers tend to advise against making permanent changes to your appearance, such as getting a tattoo, but should you desire one, thankfully, temporary tattoos are all the rage. And remember, horoscopes are only so important. (Of course, if you already have any procedures scheduled, especially those crucial to your well-being, such as gender-affirming care, please keep your appointment and know that the stars are on your side.)

And, by the way, enjoying attention from others this Leo season serves a greater purpose than inflating your ego. Chiron, an astrologically significant comet known as the “wounded healer,” goes retrograde on Sunday, July 23, which lasts through Tuesday, December 26. While Chiron is retrograde, all star signs are asked to take outstanding care of themselves, as this transit is about healing trauma through love. By relaxing and allowing others to honor you, you’re accepting healthy love into your heart, which is an excellent salve for any emotional wounds in need of care. So, remember that enjoying attention is healthy. Celebrate all month (better yet, all year long!), and we’ll see you in August, lion. 

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