Lady Gaga has been booked and busy lately as she’s preparing for her second Las Vegas residency, which commences on August 31. Recently, she shared some behind-the-scenes moments of her rehearsals with Instagram fans, including one where she looks like she stepped straight off a time machine from the ’50s with her white blonde beehive, blunt fringe, and red-tinted lips.

The singer-actor posted a set of photos of her retro ensemble on Instagram on August 23. The first photo shows Gaga in a black dress seated in front of a vanity and looking away from the mirror, which shows the blonde hair that looked as if it had been twisted, rolled, and then pinned at random to the back of her head. 

From the front, Gaga’s hair looks swept back into the updo with a pouf at the crown of her head. Her blunt white blonde fringe ended right above her dark brunette eyebrows, creating a contrast between the two opposing hair colors.

The shiny red pigment on her lips was the perfect addition to her beehive, as was the smoked-out cat eye and light shadows on her lids. 

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