Gaga paired her ’70s-esque shag with bold strokes of deep black eyeliner on her top and bottom waterlines for extra definition and smolder, especially onstage, plus pink blush, a hint of highlighter and a satiny pink lip. Her nails, too, were perfectly suited to a rock queen: long, oval shaped and glossy black.

Of course, whenever Gaga drastically changes her look, fans wonder if it’s the sign of a new era. Are we moving away from the jazz chanteuse torch singer aesthetic and into a more rock ‘n roll-forward moment, or is she simply having fun with her hair in time for a performance with the Stones? The sequined jumpsuit does point to a more ’70s glam rock feeling, but you never know with Mother Monster. 

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Now, go behind the scenes at Gaga’s 2019 Allure cover shoot:

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