Always down to try the newest social media trend, Kylie Jenner posted a TikTok using the currently popular face-aging filter. And, surprise surprise, she wasn’t a big fan of the results. 

On the app, the aging filter shows the user’s face as it is currently in the bottom half of the screen and an AI-generated image of the user as a much older person, complete with wrinkles, thinning hair, and undereye bags. I’m not sure what Jenner was expecting to see when she tried this filter for herself, but she clearly wasn’t pleased with what she saw.

In the clip, Jenner shakes her head while looking at her digitally aged-up visage. “I don’t like it,” she says. “I don’t like it at all.” The social media superstar plays with her hair and finally concludes, “No. No.” Interestingly, she recently gave an interview saying that seeing her natural features on her children’s faces made her more confident in her own natural beauty. But, you know, baby steps.

Jenner wasn’t the only celebrity to try out the aging trend on TikTok, but others had a slightly more upbeat take on their older faces. Alyssa Milano, for instance, wrote over hers, “Let’s celebrate getting older.” And former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, who posted an aging-filter TikTok alongside her boyfriend, Adam Woolard, wrote in the caption, “I wouldn’t mind growing old together.”

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Luckily for Kylie Jenner, if she doesn’t want to fully commit to the “aging gracefully” route, she is the owner of her own enormous cosmetics brand. Surely she can come up with a cosmetic solution before it comes to this.

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