If you’re looking for inspiration for your next fall manicure, Kourtney Kardashian has you covered. The Poosh founder is currently rocking the most on-brand mani of all time with a “vampy violet” shade that absolutely suits her low-key rock chic vibes.

Manicurist Kim Truong, who often works with the eldest Kardashian sister, shared a snapshot of the mom-to-be’s latest shade, a smoky purple cream that feels appropriately autumnal but isn’t super dark and deep, a la your old faithful OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, nor is it a bright plummy purple. “Vampy violet” is the absolute best way to describe it, and if it goes viral, I won’t be surprised.

Kardashian’s medium-length nails have been filed into a delicate almond shape and painted with a few coats of The Gel Bottle’s NYX, the ideal purple for the summer-to-fall transition period. Like Kardashian, it’s a little bit goth and a little bit glam, with a romantic moodiness that would look as good with a red carpet gown as it does with a leather jacket and all-black maternity dress. If you bottled up Kardashian’s very essence, it would probably look a whole lot like this dusky, plush purple.

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