Kourtney Kardashian was apparently feeling nostalgic on a random Monday in October, based on her latest Instagram post. The reality TV star posted a few photos from 2000, and at first, you might not even recognize her with her thick, blunt fringe.  

Kardashian posted the carousel of photos on October 9 with the caption, “Photographed in 2000 by @leftonluv for a college photography project.” It’s unclear what the theme of this project was but everything about these photos screams angsty misunderstood teen who recently ran away from home. In the very first photo, Kardashian looks away from the camera while her hand is on her head, and you can see her blunt bangs, which are lightly parted and nearly covering her eyebrows

Her hair was evidently not the main character in these photos, so it’s hard to see all her inches in the dim lighting. The tips of her straight hair fell to her waist, which you can see best in the second photo, in which she is seated on the ground.

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