It’s a time-honored tradition that every Kardashian-Jenner sister must, at one point in her life, go blonde and Kourtney Kardashian is the latest to get the bleach bug. The eldest sister just made a shocking change to her look, not just with a fresh trim but with a bright new hair color — a massive departure for Kardashian, who has stuck to her natural deep brunette hair color since the rise of the Kardashian crew in late ’00s. 

Kardashian’s new blonde comes courtesy of stylist Cassondra Kaeding, who took the reality star slash Poosh and Lemme founder from dark brown to a shimmery pale blonde; it’s the creamiest, dreamiest almost-platinum, contrasted against Kardashian’s dark brows and eyes. According to a subsequent Instagram post, Kardashian took her new color on a road trip to Las Vegas, where she posed beside the slot machines and alluded to a desire to change things up with a Hunter S. Thompson quote as the caption.

While Kardashian is known as a brunette, she has actually been blonde before. She shared a throwback snapshot of herself in 1995 saying she was “bored during finals” and used dye as a way to procrastinate her schoolwork. Relatable. (The color was a little warmer than her current shade, as DIY blondings can be.)

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