Season three of The Kardashians aired a few days ago on May 25. While fans are likely still discussing the premiere, Kim Kardashian has been busy giving her fans another look worthy of oohing and aahing over. The socialite was spotted in the streets of Manhattan with a hairstyle that is giving got-rained-on-but-still-slaying. 

She wore this wet-looking hair on May 16 while in New York City but gave her fans a better view of the look from several angles with an Instagram carousel posted on May 31. She rested her head on her hand while posing for the camera in the very first photo. Her side bang was slicked across her forehead looking as if several heaps of gel were slathered on.

Her dark hair was slicked back into a ponytail right below the crown of her head. It seems like a simple ponytail until you see it from the back and notice that the length of the ponytail also looked damp. At first glance, someone might think that Kardashian just got caught in the rain and tied her hair up. But the damp style is surely purposeful and in fact, something Kim loves to wear. 

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