Kim Kardashian might just be back in her Myspace era, as her latest Instagram post suggests. Since the social media platform reigned supreme in the 2000s, all the girls in the Kardashian crew have known how to throw up a peace sign just as mother Kris taught them — on February 14, the SKKN By Kim founder did just that while debuting a very Y2K manicure: a milky white set with long, square tips that are just begging to tap the buttons on a bedazzled flip phone. 

One commenter on her photo confessed, “yes I miss this era of Kim,” while another wrote, “It’s giving MySpace.” MySpace — the original online platform for showing off your manicures with a healthy serving of peace sign and duck face — may no longer exist, but on the bright side, its nail trends are living on in more modern ways, just as Kardashian demonstrates.

Though Kardashian’s take is a little on the nostalgic side, the milky nail trend won 2020; Jennifer Lopez and Lizzo are just a small part of the celebrity collective that has been keeping the trend alive since. 

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