A lot has changed at Allure over the years. Sure, we’ve always been focused on beauty, but within the last decade, we’ve definitely leaned in a much more celebratory “you do you” direction when it comes to hair and makeup — as opposed to when we declared “The Most Embarrassing ‘90s Beauty Trends,” all of which were just fun, of-the-moment choices that will (and in some cases already have) come around again. And Kim Kardashian’s latest throwback hairstyle is proof that these looks can be far more appealing than embarrassing. 

Kardashian posted a few photos to her Instagram Stories in which she’s hanging out in matching outfits with eldest daughter, North. Her black leather miniskirt and cropped, button-down, yellow top were topped off with a half-up hairstyle — but not just any half-up hairstyle.

The section that’s held up by an elastic and wrapped with hair is truly held up. It looks perfectly centered at the top of Kardashian’s head like a North Pole of straight, sleek hair.

Back when we were calling looks “cringeworthy,” we referred to this look as “the fountain head” as a way to describe a “high ponytail fountain jutting out of the crown of your head.” Celebrities like Janet Jackson and Britney Spears were among the highest-profile celebrities wearing this highest-set ponytail. But there’s truly nothing un-cute about the look — Kardashian’s take is absolutely adorable.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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