Kim Kardashian is back to her extra long nails, and all’s right with the world once more. The Skims and SKKN founder, who has most recently been rocking super short, natural nails, swapped ’em for an ultra glamorous set of pearly claws and I feel at peace.

Kardashian attended Kerig’s Annual Caring For Women dinner in New York City on September 12 and paired her slinky, shimmery baby pink long-sleeved gown with a fresh set of square-shaped nails. In keeping with one of the biggest nail trends of 2023, the reality star opted for a milk bath hue for a softer, more subtle take on white nails. This isn’t a medium-length set; these are long, a total 180 from her most recent no-mani manis. For a similar look, try Olive & June’s Press-On Instant Mani in Pink Goldfish or GH.

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Kardashian’s love of press-on nails is no secret; it’s how she oscillates between her bare shorties and glam manis in just a few minutes. In June 2022, she told Allure that she was firmly Team Short Nails, saying that if you see her with talons on the red carpet, they’re probably fake. “They’re usually just taped on for a shoot or the night,” she explained. Kardashian added that when she does have longer nails, it changes her attitude — and her texting abilities. “When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh,” she shared. “They’ll be like nothing you’re saying on text makes sense.” (Been there!) Over the past year, we’ve seen her in a neon lime set, a huge departure for the neutrals-loving Kardashian; a razor-sharp baby pink set; and even a bombshell red mani, all press-ons.

For the charity event, the Skims founder paired her super long nails with equally long, undulating mermaid waves, brow-brushing lashes and a sweet pale pink blush to match her dress. Oh, and two enormous diamond rings to offset the manicure, because this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. But then again, if Kardashian isn’t bringing the full head-to-toe glam on the red carpet — and on Instagram — what kind of world are we living in?

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