As viewers of Hulu’s The Kardashians have noted, the family is going all-in on product integration. And that now includes TikTok challenges. Kim Kardashian, for instance, just used her sister Kylie Jenner’s makeup line in her latest TikTok… although the results are less than red carpet-ready. On purpose!

There’s a TikTok trend where users give themselves a “chav” look — an over-bronzed, over-contoured face popular in Britain in the noughties. (Part of it is chewing gum, that’s, like, an important part.) 

One version of the trend is to start with the “chav” look and then give yourself a “makeover” in which you take off the makeup and then put on an equal amount of makeup, but with a more current style. The version of the trend that Kardashian did was just to start with a bare face and then chav it up, which she did using products from Jenner’s line. A dig? Or a clever way to get around FCC sponcon regulations?

You decide:

Fans seemed to enjoy the humorous moment, but comments on the video have since been turned off. Seven hours before she uploaded the TikTok, Kardashian put Kylie Cosmetics’s Glow Balm on her Instagram Stories and called it her “favorite cream blush,” so we’re pretty sure this is not a dig and is meant to sell us stuff. A KarJenner’s gonna KarJenner, that’s for sure.

Just a couple of days earlier, the makeup mogul posted pictures of herself in a bodysuit from sister Kardashian’s Skims line but didn’t tag the brand, prompting Kim to comment asking for a tag, and Jenner to respond that she had to steal the item from their mom Jenner’s house. The interaction got much more coverage than a simple tagged upload would have, so, well played, Kim Kardashian and Ky!

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