So many Y2K trends have been coming back over the last year or two that they’re starting to feel like a glitch in the matrix. Kim Kardashian is very much on board the early-2000s-all-over-again train, with multiple not-quite-vintage manicures in the ast few months. But like Megan Fox, Kardashian’s Y2K proclivity extends into accessories, too. 

On Thursday, March 2, Kardashian posted a carousel of photos in which she’s modeling a teeny-weeny black bikini in what appears to be a rooftop shower, which is so weird because I do that every Wednesday, too. The somewhat mysterious caption reads, “search for soul,” and while I’m not sure if I found the soul in question, I definitely found an even teeny-weenier belly chain.

You may recall that belly chains were a huge trend back when I was upset about the popularity of low-rise jeans the first time around. And while I’m personally still Team Mid-to-High-Rise, I would never deny Team Low-Rise the chance to joyfully revisit such an iconic Y2K staple. Kardashian has clearly been making a strong case for the trend’s triumphant return — both today and a couple of weeks ago.

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