Kim Kardashian has been on a cover-shoot rampage this fall, but she hasn’t been photographed in the go-to glam looks we expect from the entrepreneur and long-time reality star. Her faux buzz-cut moment on the cover of CR Fashion Book back in September was arguably the most masculine-looking we’ve ever seen her — that is until now.

For its “Men of the Year” issue, GQ not only selected its subject by thinking outside the box, but it also imagined Kardashian outside the parameters of the conventional feminine ideals with which she’s so closely associated. The cover photo, in which she’s wearing a suit and tie and removing Cheetos dust from her fingers the only acceptable way (sucking it off — duh), only hints at how much she leans into a menswear look within the rest of the shoot.

GQ/Jack Bridgland

One photo in particular seems clearly inspired by her late father, Robert Kardashian, whom Kim discusses at length in the accompanying interview. In addition to a striped, button-down shirt and very ‘90s necktie, Kim’s hair, styled by Chris Appleton, is slicked back in such a way that it hides her length. Her nails are as short as we’ve ever seen them, and while she’s visibly wearing some makeup, makeup artist Ariel Tejada went with a very subtle look.

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