It seems that Kesha has been struggling lately with a lot more than we even know about (and we know about quite a bit). The Grammy-winning artist revealed that she recently had a near-death experience due to a rare complication from a standard medical procedure. 

“I almost died in January,” Kesha told SELF in an interview published on June 20. A year previously, the songwriter explained to the outlet, she had undergone a standard egg-freezing procedure because she wanted more time to consider when and if she wanted to have children without worrying about a ticking biological clock. According to SELF, Kesha’s procedure resulted in a rare but serious complication that doctors partially attribute to her weakened immune system (Kesha was diagnosed with an immunodeficiency disease in 2022). 

“I finally feel recovered, but it took a couple months. It was horrifying,” Kesha said, explaining that she doesn’t want her story to influence anyone else’s choices for their own reproductive health. “I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands. And I stand by everyone doing that and [honoring] your body,” she explained. “Everyone probably has some semblance of feeling like you share what you’re going through, and, at the same time, it’s almost inviting people to have an opinion about it. I don’t have that perfectly mapped out.”

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