During Fashion Month, we keep a close eye on models’ and front-row celebrities’ hands to get a sense of the biggest upcoming nail trends. From what we can tell, shimmery, white manicures are still going strong, and muted gray nails are on the verge of a major moment; but one of Kendall Jenner‘s recent struts down the runway suggests that classic red nails are going to show up everywhere — and perhaps everywhere but fingertips.

Jenner walked the Schiaparelli runway during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, September 28, and we have to admit, being as beauty-focused as we are, our eyes immediately went to her humongous hair. Normally seen in sleek, low-volume styles, Jenner was sporting a full-blown bouffant for her chic stroll. But upon closer inspection, it’s actually the dress that’s the most beauty-newsworthy.

As confirmed by a behind-the-scenes clip posted on Schiaparelli’s Instagram, Jenner’s shiny, strapless, form-fitting frock is made up of what must be hundreds, if not thousands, of red, almond-shaped faux fingernails. (You’ve heard of chain-mail dresses? This is a nail-mail dress, apparently.) The absolute work of art glistened as Jenner sauntered with surprising ease — we can only imagine how restrictive and weighty the dress must of have been — in front of the audience, as shown in videos posted by her sister, Kylie Jenner. 

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