Kelly Rowland has never met a wind machine she didn’t like. Just think about some of Destiny’s Child music videos. “Survivor”? “Lose My Breath”? “Independent Women”? All have at least a few intensely breezy moments that have a dramatic effect on the group’s hair — even when Rowland’s hair was super-short. And it looks like she may miss that windswept look because she attended Paris Fashion Week looking like she was in the middle of one of those classic videos.

Rowland sat front-row at the Christopher Esber womenswear show on Thursday, September 28, wearing a sheer, form-fitting, mahogany-hued dress, strappy, metallic sandals, and a pinkish-beige manicure that I’ve already saved to my phone to bring to my next nail appointment. But the true stand-out element of her look was easily her hair — not just because it looked fabulous, but because it seems to be a real-life special effect.

Her very deeply parted bob involves several strands sweeping across her forehead and dipping a bit over one eye. Instead of her ends succumbing to gravity, however, they appear to be in a permanently windswept state, flowing off to the side as if someone is holding a high-powered fan just off-camera to Rowland’s right. 

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