I’ve been a Keke Palmer fan since her early days in Akeelah and the Bee and True Jackson, VP, so I’ve seen her transition from being a Nickelodeon star to acting in big films such as Nope and becoming a mom to the most adorable baby. Safe to say, I’m a pretty big stan of Miss Keke — so naturally, when I saw her with a Pamela Anderson-esque curly updo, I fell to my knees overwhelmed by her beauty. 

Palmer wore her voluminous updo with a cobalt-blue, figure-hugging dress to celebrate the upcoming launch of her musical album and film at the Reel To Reel: Big Boss event, held at the Grammy Museum on May 10. Her hair was curled and piled high onto her head into a messy updo that was somehow still perfectly styled. Curled tendrils of hair framed her face with the ends just grazing her collarbones. 

She paired her stunning updo with neutral cut-crease eye makeup and an ombré brown lip. My eyes also darted to her hands to admire the bedazzled coffin-shaped manicure. Her long nails were painted with a milky color and adorned with various gems and pearls. 

Palmer has always had a lovely aura about her — the kind where you know that when she walks into a room, she immediately makes people smile. I don’t know if it’s that new mom glow or what, but her radiance has been tenfold lately. 

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