Now, Miss Keke Palmer has been downright disrespectful to my edges lately. Just when I thought I was making progress on my thinned-out hairline from braids years ago (I’m shivering at the very memory), she said screw that, the rest of my edges, and my ability to breathe. She most recently dislocated my jaw with the straightest, silkiest, pin-straight, butt-length hair.

Palmer worked with Miami-based hairstylist Micah Cook and makeup artist Nordia Cameron-Cunningham to get done up in Cannes, France, and showed her Instagram fans the proof on June 21 with two separate posts. The first shows three photos of Palmer in a pink blouse with purple pants and matching heels. Her hair looked as silky and shiny as her outfit. She captioned the photo, “The trick is to make it look easy, even when it’s not. #GlaminCANNES #BigBoss #NewEra.” 

Cook styled the long hair with a middle part, but honestly, I need to know the secret to hair that looks this shiny and straight. I don’t know what kind of flat iron or other hot tool Cook pulled out for this hair, but it’s clear it wasn’t only on but nice and hot. 

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