You never really fully grasp the breadth of what “bangs” can mean until you take a deep dive into the way people have worn them over the years. There are so many nuances that give forehead fringe distinctly era-specific vibes. For example, the side-swept bangs of today look totally different than how so many celebrities wore them not even 20 years ago — as proven by the visceral throwback feel I got from looking at Keke Palmer‘s totally 2004-esque hair in a new video.

Palmer posted a clip from her recent podcast conversation with Renee Rapp, both of whom are sporting bangs. But while Rapp’s long, wispy fringe feels very now, Palmer’s super-heavy, slightly side-swept bangs are straight out of the mid aughts, especially in the context of her long layers with flippy, voluminous waves. 

When I tell you — if I had seen this video back in the day, I would have brought it directly to my stylist and said, “Do that.” And I know that because I brought to my stylist every other photo of celebrities who had this style in 2004: Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale, Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, and many, many more. 

But while the look screams “I’m trying on all of my going-out tops while singing along to Kelly Clarkson’s new song, ‘Breakaway,'” you have to admit, it’s still fabulous. It may have a little more high-maintenance oomph than what’s currently in vogue, but every aspect of it — the fullness, the flattering layers, the universal wearability of a side bang — has never stopped being chic.

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