Currently, I look like the Cynthia from Rugrats — yup, the doll with missing chunks of hair — and it’s all Keke Palmer‘s fault. Every day I wake up just trying to keep my edges intact to then do my daily Instagram scroll, and who do I see? Miss Palmer looking sickening, and suddenly, I’m edgeless. Bald. Not even stubble is left. 

Am I being dramatic? Absolutely. But you will understand when you see the Nope star looking like a goddess with blue-streaked hair. She posted the new look to her Instagram on August 10 with the caption, “Give em’ the bluuues bby.” 

This hair has body, layers, shine, and volume. Hairstylist Keshaun Williamson, who goes by the Lace Assassin, installed the unit using Bold Hold products. This medium-length wig is jet black with bright blue steaks that remind me of the necklace the old lady dropped into the ocean at the end of Titanic

He parted her hair to the side and curled it, so you can really appreciate the layers of this cut. The shortest pieces of her side-swept hair just grazed her cheekbones. The longest pieces of this hair fell towards her chest. There were even some mid-length pieces framing her face. 

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