You know how gorgeous you feel when everything just comes together? When you wake up to a great skin day and great hair day simultaneously? And then you go outside (wearing sunscreen, of course, because you want more great skin days) and the sun is shining, it’s perfectly breezy, and the temperature is on point? Well multiply that by a kabillion and you might end up somewhere near Keke Palmer‘s new mom glow.

Palmer gave birth to little Leodis (Leo for short) in late February, and she’s been giving her followers the occasional glimpse into her new life as a mom, but it wasn’t until Monday, March 20, that Palmer shared a few photos of herself with Leo out and about — specifically on a riverside stroll that allowed her to share her glowing skin and stunning, full curls with the world.

But even though Palmer looks radiant, she doesn’t share any info about her current routine. Instead, understandably, she’s focused on all things motherhood.

“Mommy’ing is coming along if you were looking for an update. I have juggled quite a few careers but this is my greatest gig of all,” she writes in the caption. “Learning how to balance it all and looking forward to discovering this new person I am becoming. I will never be the same again, but if you thought I was a bad mama jamma before, you can’t imagine the greater purpose my son has given my life!”

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