Keke Palmer was kind enough to give us two days to breathe after posting her birthday celebration look. Whereas for her birthday she was a lady in red with the glossiest-looking curls, she went the opposite route to watch fellow Virgo Beyoncé perform. Honoring Queen Bey’s request, Palmer ensured she was decked out in silver from head to toe, including her metallic French tips, shimmery eye makeup, and silver tinsel-laced hair. 

Palmer first showed off her look on September 3 via an Instagram post with the caption, “Renaissance Woman.” In the series of photos, you can see the Renaissance woman looking divine in a skintight leather LBD and her silver-streaked curls flowing around her. These wand curls look like a slightly more undone version of her polished birthday curls. 

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Los Angeles-based hairstylist Keshaun Williamson, aka the Lace Assassin, gave her hair more texture and frizz that added a lived-in vibe to the entire look. In the midst of the dark wand curls, you can see tiny silver tinsel pieces throughout her hair. The glittery sections almost look like bolts of lightning flowing between the spirals of her hair. 

Her glittery eyelids matched her metallic highlights. Makeup artist Mylah Morales blended shimmery silver eye shadows with some darker brown matte pigments for this lightly smoked-out look. She buffed Palmer’s cheeks with pink blush and swiped a gloss on her lips. 

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