Of course, for every person that aspires to look like a glazed donut, there’s another who’s after a highly reflective, disco ball-like glimmer. So Hughes decided to create a kit that puts the degree of sheen in the hands of the consumer. “I wanted you to feel like the maker of your own magic,” she says. “I’m just giving you the materials.”

KJH.brand Hyper Shine High Lite Kit

Those on Team Disco Ball can load up on Hyper Shine Lite Pigment, a shimmering cream that comes in a pot. It’s available in four shades: Lite Bronze, Lite Copper, Lite Gold, and Lite Pink. Your favorite might not necessarily be dictated by your skin tone. “Every single person can wear each shade,” says Hughes. “It will just give you a different effect.” (Read on for the scoop on the shades our editors tested.)

On the flip side, if you’re not into sparkle, Hyper Shine Serum is going to be your new go-to: The crystal-clear liquid has the texture of the least-sticky lip gloss you’ve ever tried and imparts a sheer, glassy glow when applied on skin.

Maybe you see where we’re going with this: If you mix Hyper Shine Lite Pigment and Hyper Shine Serum together, the two finishes work in harmony to create a shimmery, ever-so-slightly pigmented, subtly-glossy effect.

A degree in mixed media art is not required: Simply squeeze a drop of Hyper Shine Serum into the Hyper Shine Lite Pigment pot, then swirl the No.1 brush (which comes with the set) into the mixture and apply.

Makeup artist and host of The Life of a Makeup Artist podcast Jaleesa Jaikaran likes the way mixing the products allows her to “customize the level of luminosity by adjusting the ratio of cream to serum.” While a single drop of serum is a good place to start, she’s found that adding a teeny bit more makes the cream even less pigmented and more sheer.

If you’re nervous about overdoing it, instead of mixing directly into the cream, Hughes says you can treat the flat, silicone tip of the serum like an artist’s palette. First, dip the tip of the tube into the pot and scoop out a tiny bit of cream, then squeeze out a drop of serum before blending the two together on the surface of the tip using the brush.

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