Katie Holmes just brought a touch of the ’90s to New York Fashion Week. The actor hit up a Madewell event looking like she stepped right out of 1999 thanks to some strategically placed black eyeliner, and now I’m having flashbacks to my junior high days.

Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who also works with stars like Gabrielle Union and Lily Collins, reached for a classic black pencil liner when crafting Holmes’s NYFW look, but he didn’t just draw the liner on her upper lids. Oquendo also tightlined Holmes’s upper and lower waterlines, emphasizing the inner corners to really make her light green eyes sparkle. It’s a teeny-tiny tweak to the go-to black liner, but it makes all the difference. And yes, my friends and I absolutely poked ourselves in the eyes trying to replicate this exact look when we were tweens, though I’m happy to say I’ve figured it out in adulthood. On Holmes, it was perfectly sophisticated without trying too hard, which is basically her entire style philosophy in a nutshell.

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