Katie Holmes has been opting for many casual hairstyles, including an updo that was the epitome of a messy bun and perfect I-woke-up-like-this hair, lately. In most of these styles, her natural hair texture makes an appearance. But she decided to switch it up and pull out the flat iron to straighten her hair for Ulla Johnson’s Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show. 

Dressed in a flowy burgundy dress, Holmes attended the fashion event on September 10. Her hair was parted down the middle, leaving the ends cascading towards her waist. Her glossy brown hair looked straighter than a ruler. Because of the sheen, we’re wondering what products she used to get this pin-straight style. She might have used a hair gloss after straightening for the extra shine. It’s also possible that the heat protectant helped make the hair look silky. 

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With her simple hair styling, it’s not shocking that she also went minimalist with her makeup. A shimmery bronze pigment was painted on her lower lash line. She paired the metallic liner with a mauve lip gloss.

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