As soon as the weather heats up, the siren song of blonde hair only grows stronger. Kaia Gerber couldn’t resist its allure, as evidenced by her new hair color transformation.

When you think about Gerber, you probably think of her long, lush brunette hair like her mom Cindy Crawford’s, but no longer! The model is now sporting a gorgeous, multidimensional golden blonde color that grabs the light like a wheat field at golden hour. She debuted the summer color change on Instagram Stories, as one does, and I can’t stop staring at it.

Kaia Gerber

Instead of going full platinum as she has in the past, Gerber instead went just a few steps brighter than her natural base with varying shades of warm-toned honey, caramel and golden blonde with more lightness at the ends for a sunny, beachy effect. The color looks effortless and lived-in, not to mention expensive! Blonde this multidimensional and rich isn’t the result of a box color session; it’s strategically placed, perfectly blended highlights and lowlights, and that takes tiiiime!

Gerber may be an iconic brunette just like her mother before her, but she does enjoy playing color chameleon. In early 2022, she went copper by adding a warm red tint to her brunette. After she bleached her hair platinum blonde in 2020, she took advantage of the pale base and tried out pink, which she said was her favorite look yet. “My favorite was pink, because [going pink] was a pipe dream that I always had,” the model told British Vogue. “I knew as a brunette I could never have pink hair without bleaching it, [so when I did bleach it] that was my excuse to have pink hair for a little bit. I definitely appreciate my natural hair colour and texture a lot more than I did before.” Change is fun, especially when it looks as good as this stunning summer blonde.

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