I realize we’ve had no shortage of Princess Diana-centric movies, series, and even musicals in the last few years, but I didn’t realize how much we need another one until I saw photos of Julia Garner at the Cannes Film Festival. All it took for me to suddenly see an incredible resemblance was a change in hairstyle, and now I’m convinced she needs to be cast as the late, beloved royal.

Garner walked the Cannes red carpet to attend a viewing of Asteroid City, wearing a flowing, emerald-green Gucci gown and matching diamond and emerald earrings. But while her ensemble was eye-catching, her hairstyle was eye-keeping.

Normally worn curly, her currently short, blonde hair was straightened and styled by Bobby Eliot into an unexpected glam pixie with a deep side part, bangs, and lots of volume at the crown. It’s a style that was regularly seen on Princess Diana in the mid-1990s. And once you get a glimpse of Garner’s profile while wearing this look, the resemblance is undeniable. 

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