Actor Julia Fox is the ultimate beauty risk-taker. She’s not afraid to show up on the red carpet with flying saucer brows or extreme wet look hair and we love her for it. Fox always keeps us guessing; which unconventional eyeliner techniques will she debut? What color will her hair be? For the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on April 29, Fox pulled out all the stops with one of her most creative makeup looks yet.

The star attended the gala in true Fox fashion, with a statement-making makeup look and equally unique outfit. Her entire face, including her lips, was painted chalk white, with the color faded down her neck for a ghostly pallor. Over the white paint, Fox drew a ’20s-style bee-stung lip shape in a purple-gray shade, colored it in and topped it with matching lip gloss for a little shine against her matte skin. Her cheeks were contoured with a similar cool taupe tone. Over each eye, the actor drew enormous wings with black liner but didn’t fill them in, so instead of a Black Swan-style bird of prey eye, Fox looked more like a Victorian-era clown — especially with the black-and-white palette like an old-fashioned photograph.

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