The first thing I though of when I saw Joey King‘s latest hairstyle was a line from the Austin Powers movie Goldmember, when the titular Goldmember yells, “I love gooooold!” — but in a couture way, not a comedy way. The actor just took the phrase “golden girl” to a whole new level thanks to some strategically placed gold leaf and the talented hands of hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos.

King was literally glowing like a bar of gold for a Schiaparelli event in Los Angeles, wearing the warm, shimmering tone from head to toe. Her hair was brushed back from her face and slicked down at the temples and hairline for a wet look, then covered with gold leaf from the top of her hairline to mid-crown. The rest of the star’s amber blonde hair was left loose and dry, cascading down to the center of her back and brushing the top of her gold corset top. 

While the gold detailing is undeniably fancy and ideal for a surrealist-inspired fashion show like that of Schiaparelli — the house itself loves a gold moment — it also managed to look effortlessly casual, like wearing gold in your hair is NBD at all. It’s a fun way to nod to the specialness of the occasion without going over the top; I think I need to make a trip to the craft store for some gold leaf to try this very style on myself for the holidays.

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