Jennifer Love Hewitt really had me going for a minute there. Back in May, when the actor transformed from her signature brunette into a deep blonde, I was incredulous. Even though the results were gorgeous, I was sure the blonde hair would be fleeting. But when she went even blonder in July (and added extensions to boot) I had to admit to myself that being tow-headed may be more than just a summer fling for JLH. It seemed the 9-1-1 star may be moving indefinitely forward as a blonde bombshell.

Well, summer isn’t even close to over and Hewitt has already announced in a big way that she has no interest in a flaxen fall.

Hewitt and her go-to colorist, Nine Zero One salon founder Nikki Lee, shared a joint post to their respective Instagram grids on Friday, revealing a major makeover. We see Hewitt sitting in the chair with her long, wavy, blonde hair, only to then see most of that hair on the floor. After a sped-up clip of a gloved hand painting Hewitt’s hair, we then jump to the conclusion: a stunning almost-auburn brunette shade. “Was time to spice things up,” the caption reads, referring to the nutmeg hue.

But it’s not just Hewitt’s color that’s significantly different. She’s now sporting a super-straight, beautifully blown-out lob with extra-long curtain bangs. Drastic and fantastic, I must say.

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