Jennifer Lopez has been booked and busy filming and doing press tours for several new movies in the past few months. Her next Netflix film, The Mother, releases on May 12, and at the Los Angeles premiere, she wore the smokiest eye makeup we’ve ever seen on her.

The singer-actor arrived at the premiere on May 10 in an all-beige ensemble, including her manicure, but we’ll get more into the nails later. Lopez looked stunning with her dramatic eye makeup and glossy lips. Los Angeles-based makeup artist Ash K Holm ensured her complexion products were buffed into her skin for a smooth finish. Her face looked rather radiant, which we’re sure is the result of a great skin-care routine, skin treatments, and shimmery highlighter

On her lids, Holm blended out several dark eye shadows. She lined Lopez’s eyes with a black liner, which only defined her eyes further. Holm even added shimmery bronze shadows to Lopez’s waterline, creating a beautiful contrast with the matte shadows on her lids. Lopez’s lashes were long and wispy, likely due to a great mascara and the help of some falsies. We definitely need the details on her nude lips. Did Holm create a custom shade using several products or just so happen to find the perfect gloss that looks like Lopez’s own lips?

Of course, nail artist Tom Bachik, who often works with Lopez, was responsible for her nude manicure. He used a beige polish that practically matched J.Lo’s coffin-shaped tips to her skin tone. 

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