When Jennifer Lopez goes to Las Vegas, she doesn’t just grab tickets to one show. She hits up two of the biggest residencies on the same weekend. And while you might think Lopez would call in her glam team to give her an over-the-top hairstyle to match the vibes of Sin City, the musician and actor actually opted for a low-key updo that anyone could do, even without the help of legendary stylist Chris Appleton.

Lopez shared her Vegas adventures on Instagram, posting some of her favorite moments from both Usher and Adele’s residencies. She attended both shows in a casual bun, but changed it up ever so slightly for either show. For Usher, Lopez opted for her classic signature bun, gathered right at the crown of her head, but instead of a super-sleek style, she pulled a few pieces out on either side of her face for a more effortless, good-time vibe, ideal for dancing and singing along. While I have a feeling Lopez didn’t just pull her hair up with whatever scrunchie or binder she had on her wrist before the show, it’s a style that anyone could do, regardless of their hairstyling skills.

At Adele, Lopez went a touch more formal and luxurious with a soft, low bun. Her hair was parted in the center and pulled back at the nape of her neck with gentle volume at the crown, plus the same light tendrils from the Usher show to frame her face. Once again, it was a look I could definitely DIY with a little patience and some strong bobby pins.

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