Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to put her special spin on the trending milk bath manicure. The star gave the sheer, milky white mani a J. Lo twist with a glimmer of shimmer.

Celebs have been all about the milk bath nails this season, Lopez included. For a recent appearance promoting her new movie The Mother, Lopez worked with her go-to manicurist Tom Bachik on a neutral, goes-with-anything milky mani with the subtlest layer of microfine glitter, which Bachik calls a “celestial shimmer” manicure.

Bachik lengthened Lopez’s nails with Apres Neutrals Gel-X Natural Stiletto nail extensions in the neutral pink “Maisie” style, then filed them into a gentle squoval shape. For that enchanting sheer shimmer, he reached for the Apres Heavenly Top Gelcoat, applying it directly over the nail for a wash of iridescent pink shimmer. The nails are so sheer and delicate that you can see the tips, giving it a French manicure effect without the stark white tip.

The star must be feeling this otherworldly vibe, because her latest celestial shimmer manicure is super similar to one she rocked at husband Ben Affleck’s *Air” premiere. Lopez and Bachik created an iridescent micro French manicure with even more fairylike sparkle for the red carpet. The manicure is neutral enough that it would work for everyday wear, but that glazed, glimmering finish gives it an extra layer of extra special sparkle. It’s perfect for the red carpet, but it would also be beautiful on a bride or bridesmaids during wedding season.

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