Leo season may be coming to its official end on August 22, but that doesn’t mean Leos have dulled their fiery spark. They’re usually known for being vivacious and the center of attention, so it’s fitting that Jennifer Lopez, who celebrated her birthday at the end of July, is a Leo. Even with her season ending, she is still living her best life — her recent baby pink manicure is just a bonus. 

Lopez showed off her nails in an Instagram photo dump on August 19. You can see her oval-shaped tips in the first picture, but the proper nailfie is the last picture, a close-up shot of her nails and her necklace dedicated to husband Ben Affleck. 

 Nail artist Tom Bachik, who usually does her manicures, painted each mid-length oval nail with a very light and seemingly sheer baby-pink nail polish. Her nails were so shiny, I could practically see myself in them, which made me wonder what topcoat he used. 

Seeing a new something-core each day does make my eye twitch from sheer annoyance, however, her light- nails immediately screamed balletcore to me. If you’re looking to recreate this dainty manicure, consider one of these nail polishes: the fan-favorite Essie nail polish in Ballet Slippers, OPI’s Nail Lacquer in It’s a Girl, and Sally Hansen’s Good, Kind, Pure in the shade Pink Cloud

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