Looks like I do have something in common with Jennifer Lopez! I may not have her enviable closet, gorgeous skin, real estate portfolio or actor-director husband, but the two of us did spend the holiday weekend wearing the exact same hairdo: the eternally iconic, always-useful easy bun.

Lopez gave followers a glimpse into her 4th of July long weekend plans, which were pretty similar to mine: relaxing in the sun. (Well, minus the glamorous Hamptons party part, anyway.) She lounged away the day with her tablet and kept her hair completely out of the picture with a effortless, chic-without-trying bun right at the crown of her head, an ideal hairstyle for when it’s sticky and hot and you don’t want to deal with frizz or weight on your shoulders, or when a dip in the pool is on the agenda. While Lopez has a fleet of stylists at her disposal, the low-key vibes of this photo set certainly make it look like she DIYed her weekend updo and nailed it. The bun is sleek but not slicked-down and perfectly full and circular without looking fussy, as though Lopez just whipped it up in the bathroom before heading out to the backyard of her palatial estate, glass of Delola in her hand. Celebs, they really are just like us, though my version of said bun was more “tired mom” and less “iconic pop star.” Just one question, though, J. Lo. What happened to your bangs?

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