I know everyone’s talking about the vicarious Father’s Day thirst trap Jennifer Lopez posted of husband Ben Affleck for Father’s Day, and I get it. That is quite the cover photo in that Instagram carousel. But the multi-hyphenate fully buried the lede, distracting from the photos she posted just before it — arguably the biggest beauty news of the weekend. J. Lo got bangs.

This is a big deal on multiple levels. First of all, while Lopez has had bangs in the past, they’re not her default look, and they’re usually the curtain or side-swept kind, long enough to be easily brushed off the forehead. But it’s quite a heavy fringe this time, which brings us to the other reason this is so unexpected: the timing. 

Summer officially starts this week. Folks have been saying it’s summer since Memorial Day because it just starts feeling like summer at that point. And as much as I love the look of bangs, they are literally the last thing I want to deal with during the hottest months of the year. I can feel them sticking to my forehead and funneling sweat into my eyes as I type this. 

And yet, the photos Lopez posted have me wondering if should take them directly to my stylist and say, “Do what Lorenzo Martin did to J. Lo, please,” which appears also include refreshing her length with shaggy layers. 

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