If Jennifer Lopez is wearing it on her nails, we’re paying attention. The musician, actor and entrepreneur is always changing up her manicure and setting trends, but her latest nail look is a major departure from the long lengths and sparkly textures. In fact, it may just be the shortest, barest mani she’s ever worn.

Lopez was snapped out and about in Los Angeles on May 28 wearing a neutral nail look that is the absolute definition of minimalism. Instead of the extensions she often wears, Lopez’s nails were au naturale and filed into a short, rounded square shape. While at first it looks like Lopez isn’t wearing any polish at all, her nails aren’t actually naked; she’s wearing the subtlest, sheerest wash of pale milky neutral pink that almost exactly matches her natural nail color. Essie Ballet Slippers, is that you? Lopez paired the manicure with an equally low-key day-off look of a swingy ponytail and rose lip, diamond earrings and her wedding rings. Casual, chic and totally unbothered … we’re taking notes.

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