Jennifer Lopez knows things. You don’t get where she’s gotten in her career and looking like she does without knowing things that most people don’t. And apparently, that includes one of the most impressively effective highlighting and contouring hacks we’ve ever seen. But it’s not just the hack that J.Lo reveals; she also shares the very unexpected way she applies moisturizer and subsequent face products.

The first surprise of her highlighting and contouring hack is the fact that she’s not doing it with the makeup products you’d typically expect but rather skin care (all from her own JLo Beauty line, of course). Sitting in her bathroom, hair pulled back, wearing a black robe, Lopez starts the video of her routine by applying serum the way any mere mortal would. As her song “On the Floor” plays, she moves on to face cream — and that’s when things get interesting.

After showing the jar to the camera, she starts applying the moisturizer in dots along her cheeks, jawline, and forehead. Instead of working it into her skin, she moves on to eye cream, applying it in the same dotty fashion under her eyes and between her brows. And no, this isn’t when the blending begins.

Next, she pumps That Star Filter Complexion Booster in Rich Bronze onto the back of her hand and, once again, starts dotting it onto her face in very strategic places. She then does the same thing with the same product, this time in the shade Pink Champagne, in other strategic places. By the time she’s done, she looks like she’s about to go film some motion-capture footage.

But she isn’t done, of course. This is when she finally starts to blend the dots into her skin, not all willy-nilly, but in such a way that lends a naturally glowy, hydrated highlight and contour effect to the exact areas of her face that she’d want it. 

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