Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to nail one of TikTok’s biggest manicure trends like it’s NBD. For the premiere of her new bridal-centric movie Shotgun Wedding, Mrs. Affleck worked with her main manicurist, Tom Bachik, on a nail look that would beautifully complement her sheer, shimmery Valentino couture gown and megawatt diamond chandelier earrings. They opted for “lip gloss nails,” AKA a subtle, barely-there hint of color that almost exactly matches your natural nail hue with lots of shine, just like a classic neutral pink lip gloss. However, because this is J. Lo, you gotta have some sparkle, so Bachik painted on a glam silver glitter tip for a romantic and glitzy twist on the subtle nail look.

The lip gloss nails may be simple, but they require some prep to achieve perfection. Bachik shared that he groomed Lopez’s nails with his Tweezerman Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set of essential nail care tools, saying, “Prep is key to a longer-lasting manicure!” Once her nail beds and cuticles were looking gorgeous, Bachik applied the Aprés Nails Gel-X Maisie Sculpted Stiletto Tips to add length and softened the shape a bit; the tips are meant to mimic your skin tone for that long, mannequin hands or your-nails-but-better vibe. After the tips were applied, Bachik mixed up a custom lip gloss-inspired nail hue for Lopez, saying it was a “semi-sheer high gloss nude playing off her skin tone.” (When you’re Jennifer Lopez, you can’t grab just any color off the shelf!)

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