Jenna Ortega was the cutest child, full stop. The Scream and Wednesday star just shared an adorable snapshot from her younger days and OMG, those freckles!

Ortega posed the photo to her Instagram Stories just in time for Throwback Thursday. In the image, her younger self poses against a tree wearing a white blouse and smiling sweetly at the camera. Dusted across her nose and cheeks is a faint sprinkling of freckles, as though the future star had been spending lots of time outside enjoying the California weather. Her dark hair has been lightened by the sun, a far cry from her future as the pale, sadistic Wednesday Addams with those goth black costumes and black braids.

Jenna Ortega

The freckles were pretty prominent on child Jenna and she’s still rocking them today; they didn’t fade with time. The grown-up star does occasionally cover them up with makeup on the red carpet, but you can see them in many of her selfies, including a recent shot where she credits Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes for getting rid of a ton of fake blood, and also in the official photo for her Dior fragrance partnership. At the Golden Globes, however, the freckles were mostly covered up.

Celebrities often treat fans to throwback pics from their childhoods; it’s so much fun to see how your favorite stars have grown and evolved over the years. To celebrate her 21st birthday, Billie Eilish shared a funny pic of her younger self crying on her birthday and revealed her natural hair color in the process. In 2020, Hailey Bieber poked fun at her crooked kid bangs, and Bella Hadid even found hairstyling inspiration from an old pic of herself.

Ortega was an undeniably adorable child, and she’s quickly become one of our favorite actors to follow from the screen to the red carpet and back again. We think her younger self would definitely be proud of where she is today. And if you want freckles like hers, well, there’s a pen for that!

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