Janelle Monae officially ended her Age of Pleasure Tour on October 18 in California, so we assume the “Lipstick Lover” singer is enjoying a much-needed break from the demanding tour schedule. Though she hasn’t posted any recent looks on her Instagram grid the singer recently stepped out wearing bright red lipstick and box braids styled into a towering topknot.

On October 25, Monae attended The Hollywood Reporter Beauty Dinner, held in West Hollywood. She wore a red minidress with big puffed sleeves and matching lipstick. I know Halloween isn’t even here yet, and I don’t want to see or hear a single Christmas thing until after Thanksgiving. However, this entire look is giving me festive vibes — and not just because of her dress. 

Her long curly box braids were gathered into a high topknot that looked like an inverted Christmas ornament. Two lone braids were left out of the bun, and their curly ends trailed all the way down to her hips. If you look closely, you’ll even see the swooped baby hairs along her hairline. 

She opted for a classic makeup combo with her bright matte lips and super sharp liner. But a closer look will show that her lips were lined with a deep brown pigment, creating a slight ombré effect. 

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