Remember the flower crown Snapchat filter we were all obsessed with circa 2016? C’mon, you know the one. Flower crowns were the crown jewel of hairstyling in the mid-2010s, reigning supreme over Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram alike. They fell out of favor as many trends do, but Janelle Monáe is ready to bring them back.

Monáe, who is currently on their The Age of Pleasure tour, hit the stage in Toronto on September 21 in a boldly blooming flower crown packed with voluptuous roses in shades of peach, periwinkle and yellow. The crown was worn right atop Monáe’s head, with the majority of the blooms placed directly near their forehead and down towards one ear. But this wasn’t just a simple headband-style hair accessory, either. This is a crown, everyone. From the side, you can see that Monáe is basically wearing an entire bouquet on their head, a la the full-on crowns of the 2010s — with a little touch of Midsommar thrown in for good measure. (Monáe also wore a giant rose corsage on their bodysuit lapel and later in the set, added a flower-bedecked cape just like the movie.) Flower crowns have been popular basically since the dawn of time, and after seeing these pics, it’s easy to remember why they’re such an enduring favorite for all sorts of events.

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