Janelle Monae is an ethereal goddess from another world, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Don’t believe me? Then let her 2023 Coachella look serve as evidence; the “Electric Lady” singer looked like a dream with goddess box braids that fell all the way to her butt. 

Monae blessed Instagram fans with a video and photo of her time at Coachella. On April 17, she posted a mirror selfie where she was wearing a multicolored striped top with black Champion shorts and a Chanel waist bag. Her lengthy textured box braids were in full view. 

She wore the box braids parted down the middle with swooped baby hairs. You can see that the curly ends of her braids fell past her waist, but that’s not the only place texture was present. More wavy tendrils protruded from throughout the length of the small box braids. 

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A day after posting her mirror selfie, Monae posted a video compilation of various moments from the music festival. We also get to see those goddess box braids in action. In the video, Monae twirled, danced, and posed for photos with her curly box braids flowing around her.

Goddess braids, also known as boho braids, have become an increasingly popular protective style in recent years. They aren’t a new style by any means, but folks have given them a more modern look that has made them a trending hairstyle on TikTok recently. 

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