Fonda is as beloved for her activism as she is for her many acting accolades, and the actor told Allure that she has an entire “activism face” that she puts on before an event or a protest. “I put some blush on, I put a black liner on my eyes, I curl my eyelashes, I put black mascara on the upper lashes and the lower lashes,” she explained. “As you get older, the line of your lips gets less distinct, so I have to use a lip pencil, and then I put lipstick on. Sometimes I use a bright red lipstick, sometimes I use a pale pink lipstick. That’s my activism face.” She also shared that she’s embraced her gray hair. “I’ve let my hair go gray,” Fonda said. “But my hairstylist is very talented and he styles my hair in a way that is very youthful and chic-looking.”

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For the Book Club star, beauty and standing up for what you believe in go hand in hand. “It’s important for people to know that [just] because you’re an activist and a feminist doesn’t mean that you can’t look good,” she told Allure. “Being an activist is fun. It’s not like you have to eat your broccoli. It’s actually full of joy and fun and making friends and having a good time.”

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