Let’s be honest: Willow Smith has always been too cool for us. I mean, even from a young age she had some of the coolest hairstyles — imagine not even being a teen yet and already inspiring trends. Through the years, we’ve come to associate Smith with bold hairstyles such as her shaven head or her undercut, so imagine our shock and surprise when she performed at Coachella with relatively low-key black waist-length hair. 

Smith sang on stage in a sleeveless denim romper with knee-high black boots. Her jet-black hair was parted roughly down the middle and ended just around her waist. The hair was mostly straight except for a few ends that curved outward. She paired her ensemble with rimmed eyes and eyeliner that extended into her inner corners. The other noticeable makeup was her matte mauve-brown lipstick. Our eyes also drifted to her short nails, which were painted black with a white dot drawn in the middle of each digit. 

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At the beginning of April, we were so obsessed with Smith’s beaded cornrows and shocked to see her with hair that reaches her shoulders. So could this waist-length hair be the beginning of Smith entering an era of long hair? Perhaps. However, Smith doesn’t often stay committed to long styles, so her shaved head might be back next week. Who knows? Not us, but we’re here for whatever comes next.

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