Megan Thee Stallion — or as she often calls herself, “The Hot Girl Coach” — regularly shares videos of her intense training sessions. The clips serve as entertainment, encouragement, and in some cases, even hairstyle inspiration. Take the latest workout Reel she posted to Instagram.

In the video posted over the weekend, we follow Megan through a sped-up look at her latest workout, in which her hair looks like the farthest thing from a gym hairstyle. (I don’t know about you, but my gym hairstyle is the tightest, most unflattering topknot I can muster.) She looks downright glamorous with waist-length, loose curls, middle-parted behind a headband, and bouncing with every squat, TRX row, and stair-stepper climb.

But while I’d love for my hair to look like this for, say, dinner with friends later this week, I cannot fathom taking this look to the gym, and I’m not alone.

“Serious question how the hell do you workout with your hair down?!? I’d be dyin !????,” one commenter wrote, garnering thousands of likes. “Ikr?! I need my hair out the way ????,” another replied.

Turns out there’s a good reason Meg is wearing her hair down while kicking ass: Wonder Woman does, too.

“So anyways, right now I’m finna shoot my shot at DC because I really heard that y’all was looking for a new Wonder Woman, and I just feel like, you know, a bad bitch need to be in a Justice League because justice for me, justice for these cheeks, bitch,” she says in her voice-over.

She differs from Wonder Woman in one distinct way, though. While they both may wear a headband of sorts while exerting themselves, Megan’s shows a little more perspiration.

“As you can see right here, my headband is wet as fuck because I’m running outta gas, bitch. I’m sweating out all the turn-up,” she says.

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